Prompt/Cope 5/9/18: “Jealousy”

Is jealousy a mental mental issue? I suppose it can be if you let it consume you. What or who are you jealous of? Why? As a writer there’s a certain level of “I wish I could write like that person” or “I want X award like that person has.” I feel the jealousy at times. But there’s a point where I tell myself “you’re doing Poetry your way, let them do it their way.” Easier said than done. But part of any creative Art is the “doing it my way” endeavor. Consider this: what if you didn’t get jealous of others’ successes and instead be inspired by them? (David Welper, EIC)

keep writing…#curestigma#writerslife

Prompt/Cope 2/10/18: “Cheers!”

Cheers to all the poets who are socially awkward, are shy, who feel not as popular as others, who hold off making too many plans until the last minute when they know they’re in the right mood to socialize, who deal with depression and anxiety or bipolar or psychotic symptoms but still have the GUTS to keep trying & keep writing & keep hope.

Here’s to those who understand that a lot of us have to work a lot at our day jobs to pay bills and sometimes even when we’re not working and not depressed we just need to stay home instead of going to this & that event cuz we’re exhausted and need a relaxing peaceful night at home.

Here’s to those who are underdogs/different/unique/weird/challenging/loners….poets who want to do it all THEIR way.

(David Welper)

…keep writing…

Prompt/Cope 12/3/17: “Buddy Bolden”

Buddy‘s first issue is finally online…and the reading period for issue two is open!   Did you know Buddy is named after Buddy Bolden (1877-1931), a cornetist in New Orleans?  He is considered by some to be the “father” of Jazz (then called “jass”).  He was committed to an insane asylum where he spent the rest of his life…but his legend lived on.   Write a piece that is about a musician (or painter or writer) who is known for having mental health issues.  Buddy will start accepting visual art, so you may want to also produce a visual piece.    keep writing…   (by David Welper)  (cover image for issue #1 by Rob Gray)

Prompt/Cope 10/20/17: “Looking back”


How do you write about nostalgia without being nostalgic?  How does one write about past suicide attempts without “re-living” it?   For that matter, how does one write about anything painful from the past?   Is it still painful and you write about it to try to “deal” with it?  Or do you write about it to re-assess yourself? to look at how you’ve overcome?   How would you structure the narrative and language in such a writing exercise to relate the tension between past/present?  (by David Welper)