Kyle Selley

Ethereal Sublime

Bud.6 Contest Selley (art only)

48” x 60” Medium: Firework residue on canvas


Kyle Selley is formally trained in both ceramics and sculpture but his current approach to making artwork is through the use of fireworks. Following this avenue of generating visual art with fireworks, he has found multiple methods and offers the viewer a variety of unique results. Kyle graduated from Johnson County Community College with a Liberal Arts degree. He studied ceramics at the University of Tasmania and graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He is currently applying to graduate programs in Australia. Kyle’s work has been published several times and exhibited nationally. He recently completed the Mid-America Arts Alliance program; Artist INC. He has sold artwork at juried silent auctions at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Cascade AIDS Project. Kyle teaches art at Young Rembrandt’s Academy. He is currently sponsored by Dominator fireworks. This company provides all the fireworks used to create his artwork. Dominator also provides him the opportunity to sell/promote his artwork at international fireworks conventions.