Lindsey Thaden


Lindsey Thaden


Van Gogh’s ear on the whicker seat of a wooden chair – cue the mic check. I can’t sit down. Sylvia has her head in the oven — death by domestication… I’m wondering if I can just run. Would I fall to the ground and die if I never stopped?


This is the moment –

this one. Right here.






perfectly &



exactly into nothing.



Something she said about life – the one with the guitar. Mortality, maybe – appreciation of the moment: this schizophrenic, wretched moment. Why is it that


Paris always seems like a solution? Did Pinocchio ever sever his puppet strings? Did his father hold them? Maybe this white expansiveness is disassociation. All Frida saw was herself. She wanted love, but the pain


reflected and radiated into every blue wall. I do think Pollock must have been angry — sometimes I think about which body part I would cut off, to make you


understand. I could do a photographic series on the dishes I break during arguments. They tell me something –


tea leaves at the bottom of my empty cup.


About “Pinprick Silence” “I know I am a poet when I discover a poem in a sprig of thyme… or a freckle on my daughter’s arm.  Scientists have explored a possible link between creativity and mental illness, most showing artists are particularly susceptible. It’s a romantic concept actually, Romeo and Juliet. We stand in awe of the pure intensity of emotion that could drive an artist like Vincent Van Gogh to cut off his ear. Unfortunately, the poet Sylvia Plath gave in to the ferocity. I believe artists feel so deeply that the emotion has to physically materialize. This poem is about the trepidation surrounding these intense emotions, and continually encountering and creating new ways to authentically express.” (Thaden)

Lindsey Thäden is the winner of the 2018 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry for her poem, “Waking to Pablo Neruda Pumping My Chest.” Alternating Current Press called the poem “a jolting, refreshing read.” Thäden also won the City of New York’s 2016 #PoetweetNYC contest. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the Philadelphia-based Apeiron Review, The Coil, New York Metro, and Passages North. She is also a regular poet contributor at Vending Machine Press and The Ekphrastic Review.

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