Letter from the Editor #2

Who are you? What makes you who you are? What haunts you? What do you struggle with?
These are some of the questions I thought about when I saw Kenny Nguyen’s photo, “Apathy.” There’s an image of a beautiful young woman in a nice dress and a glimmering necklace. She’s classy. She appears to have a confident expression. She appears strong. But is she? There are shadows of hands reaching for her. Her inner demons? At first I thought she’s confident, as if to say “I’m not afraid to deal with you.” Then I thought maybe she’s calm, prepared to give in.
I guess we all have our facades that we put on. But we all deal with our own individuality every day. I think this is one of the reasons why I love being a mental health nurse…learning about what makes each person who they are.
While Buddy doesn’t necessarily aim to have “themes” for each issue, this issue is loosely based on The Individual. Mental health is an issue that everybody deals with in some way every day, whether diagnosed with an illness or not. Whether you take medications or not. Whether you see a therapist or not.
This issue of Buddy captures various situations that we deal with, that become part of us. Starting with a quirky story about dealing with heartbreak. Poems about eating disorders, gender issues, homelessness, childhood, family and more. A non-fiction piece about dealing with Bipolar, and another about memories of a friend sparked by looking at neckties in a store.
One of Buddy’s goals is to publish a variety of writing styles and writing that captures any of the countless mental health, social, and biological issues the Individual faces every day. We hope you enjoy our second issue!
“keep writing…”
David Welper, Founding/Chief Editor