Kris Tammer


Kris Tammer (Australia)


It hurts to be someone.

Way down deep in your doppler gut.

A speeding train doesn’t care and you wish

you had trained clouds to be better

skywriters instead of spying on their

eavesdropping of lotus eaters.

Now the pious plinth is stuck in traffic and

bearing down on us all.

Or we’re piling into it, in this,

the year of the heartbeat

where to boldly go at your goat or

get it tenderloinly

is to shakedown the great nevertheless

and patent void-stepping as the latest craze.



It’s a shame the world doubles over

and vomits more & more atmospheric pressure

but I like how a misstep becomes a way forward

and any given instant plays walk the planck

as if we were mammalian furniture in captivity

where the pre-arranged dinner party of the instincts

caters slavishly,

and always there’s a draught from the attic

breathing down our necks.


Kris Tammer.  Escape artist from Melbourne Australia currently working on latest trick – escaping the country without leaving.

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