Kenny Nguyen

“Apathy” (2018) by Kenny Nguyen

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About “Apathy” “The photo is part of a series I shot called “Dark Dreams,” where I utilized digital manipulation and classical portraiture (using medium format, black and white film) to create a story that fused reality with fantasy. The model in the photo is Givie Lanier. My inspiration for this set/photo came as a response to the work of two of my favorite fine art photographers, Zhang Jingna and Bella Kotak – both of whom tend to depict their beautiful subjects in a dainty, hyper-feminine light. I chose to approach the same topic but in a completely different tone, creating an unorthodox harmony between elegance and fear.”  (Nguyen)
Kenny Nguyen is a 20-year-old, Vietnamese-American photographer based in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. He is currently a student at Furman University as a Biology major with a strong interest in fashion and photography. His work tends to exude a fantastical and ethereal tone, and it is strongly influenced by fine art photographers such as Zhang Jingna and Bella Kotak. In addition, his photos have been published in his university’s literary magazine, The Echo, and he has recently been featured in Vogue Italia. The ultimate aim of his work is to depict various narratives and to create impactful and memorable images for his viewers.

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