Horia Pop


Horia Pop (United Kingdom)


he looked like a bum

and walked like a king


he owned the streets


he had a cane for a sceptre

and a hat for a crown

he had a beard for wisdom

and the clothes of a prophet


his walk was like no one


and at a crossroad

I saw him wave at a BMW

to let it pass


A kingly gesture

no doubt


He was beyond that

he had time

he had centuries behind him


and maybe one last night ahead

About “A King Unnoticed Among Us”  “It is a poem on things sometime we witness and that stick with you and you don’t know why. It is a poem on a guy really peculiar and that lit the whole grey sky of London just by his sole presence one sullen afternoon.” (Pop)
Horia Pop.  I used to work as a librarian, as a an English teacher, and I’ve been a factotum for farms and factories while travelling. I still try to travel and meet as many diverse people and write then on it.

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