Alexis Draut


Alexis Draut (New Zealand)



The only art on my

bedroom walls is a

crown of dried


and a spider

who has made his

home in a top




Outside my parents’ house

is a spring flag

with purple daisies

and green




I am lost, a girl

with one root in Georgia,

a foot in the Pacific,

and my nose in the rosemary



down the street.

I have just been accused of treason,

am I a hero if it’s

true or it it’s




More importantly,

do I wander down the road

without a lamppost

or do I open my eyes?



I see black and color

and blood,

but the scent

of the rose is stronger

than all three



Each day, I

wake up to the sound

of my father’s voice

and he is still an ocean



Alexis Draut.  At age 13 I was forced to write my own poetry for 8th grade English. As a depressed and awkward middle schooler, I was able to finally express myself through something other than sports. I liked writing words that had meaning. I write poetry because I believe what I say needs to be read, but also because it’s a part of me I haven’t been able to hide since 13. I took creative writing classes during my undergraduate college career, and have attended a poetry group for a year now.


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