While we are open to writing on any topic, we are a safe space for writing on MH.  Therefore, we must do some due diligence here.  We hope you understand.  Thank you!

Disclaimer: Buddy recognizes that Mental Health (MH) can be a sensitive issue.  Our goal is not to trigger any negative memories, behaviors or situations for anybody.  While we respect people with MH issues, we kindly advise that we are unable to hold responsibility for any adverse effects any of our material and/or content may cause you.  Our content is not, at any time, to be construed as advice as to any actions you should take at any time for any reason.  If you feel you are in need of any assistance from any MH professional at any time for any reason, please seek assistance by calling 911.  And please take care of yourself and your loved ones!  And keep writing…always!

Disclaimer: We acknowledge that for some people with MH issues, it can be difficult to cope with a rejection.  We feel ya!  If we send you one of those infamous emails stating your piece was declined, please know that we, as Poets and Writers ourselves, have received many of these rejections ourselves and mean to make no statement against you personally.  Please continue to write and submit to us (and the many other lit zines out there)!

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