Tommy Trull


Tommy Trull (Charlotte, NC)


Our backyard tangles lush and thick,

with pubic tufts of grass and reeds.

Sun licks the air, and crickets plunge

the holes. Some minivans cruise,

sporting swim club stickers and stick

family figures. Air insects flirt,

biting lightly and beating wings.

Wild hip-hop grinds, throbs behind

the brick wall, ripe with braggadocio.

A dog barks come-ons from the woods.

And you are fucking


nowhere. Worse –

somewhere, where where

is not here, with someone, where one

is not me. Maybe he fills your sky,

but the home you left behind

is a foul wetland, a fuming fen.

For just one hour, I’d like a sun

that’s a source of light,

and not a white hole in the darkness.




Tommy Trull is a playwright and poet from Charlotte, NC.  His plays have been produced all over the country, and his poems have recently appeared in The Louisville Review and Border Crossing.  He received an MFA in Writing from Spalding University, and he has taught at Greensboro College.