Letter from the editor (issue1)

Don’t you love when something you’ve worked long and hard on comes to fruition?


Buddy is the product of my two passions: mental health and writing. There are a few reasons for starting this zine. First, writing of any kind can be very therapeutic…when you’re depressed, mad, thrilled, or dealing with heartache of some sort. Second, I had been thinking about how society is becoming so non-personal…too much reliance on “social” media and not people…we’re not connecting with each other. Third (and call me idealistic), I wanted there to be more open dialogue about mental health…all that it encompasses. I wanted to create a zine that endorses the fact that everybody (yes, even you!) deals with some sort of mental health to some degree. I wanted writers to be able to share and mentally process anything they deal with emotionally, socially, physically. And I wanted Buddy to also allow writers to address some very serious mental health issues…being bipolar, having a loved one who takes his own life, dealing with rape, dealing with growing up in dangerous neighborhoods, dealing with hearing voices, dealing with homelessness…but…


I wanted Buddy to also show that it is possible for people with mental health issues to overcome, to achieve, to be productive, to be successful, to live, to love, to hold great careers.


I envisioned Buddy as more than an online zine.  I anticipate it being a resource for education on mental health, bringing the literary and mental health communities together in various ways, and a resource for patients’ rights.  (There’s a bit more on our “About” page).


I also envisioned a zine that publishes a great variety of writers from all backgrounds, all genres, all styles, all topics, all issues and concerns that a writer has felt the need to write about in order to process something. So, this first issue, the “Group Hug” issue, celebrates all this variety coming together to (hopefully) create a sense that mental health is everywhere and we all deal with it.


Thanks so much to the truly kick-butt, smart, talented editorial team that has helped put this together, has taught me a few things and has allowed me to vent here and there. Adam, Victoria, Laura, Alison and J….thanks & hugs.


Finally, thanks to all who submitted to issue one…


“keep writing…”


David Welper, Founding/Chief Editor

Buddy. a lit zine.