Jessica Simpkiss


Jessica Simpkiss (Virginia Beach, VA)


The sky oozed blue watercolor paint

and dripped hot summer sweat

as she traveled the road with no name


the lines on the forgotten telephone poles

drooped with uselessness – no more convoluted calls running across them

as they whizzed past her windows with a rhythmic thudding sound

which always soothed the chaos of her mind


no houses along the forgotten road

no children to play in their forgotten yards

no memory of fellow travelers passing in the night

a long-forgotten road with a simple beginning and an end

and she the owner of its obscurity –

the lone caller that floats unnoticed in the vacancy of its time


Jessica Simpkiss lives and works in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband and four-year-old daughter. She has a degree in Art History from George Mason University. While she has always loved writing, she is returning to the art form after a 10-year hiatus, in hopes of finding her voice again. Her work has most recently been published or is forthcoming in FishFood Magazine, Beautiful Losers and The Feast.