Nicole Mason



I tried astral projection

& ended up in your

mouth stuck between

your crowded teeth among

your other versions of Vishnu


You thought you heard

something in your bushes

& couldn’t sleep

& it’s true I’ve been known

to rustle low like pine

tapping a late lunette

but that wasn’t my breath’s

squail through the cracks

in your window


I am sorry I kept you




I tried to cut my chest

open on a few occasions

I wanted to tune

the transistor radio

that needs correcting

from time to time

& I need to maintain

this pithy signal

& I ditched my copper

wires long ago

& periodically I am inclined

to glimpse the bites

taken out of the rotors

in my lungs


I have to be honest

I never knew electromagnetic

waves travel

at the speed of light

which is very fast



I tried to tell you

about the ghosts

the dead who rolled

with you in night-soil

& rhododendrons

littered all

& everywhere slung

around your shoulders

& tucked perfectly

under your chin

tight against your throat


no not like an ascot

which can be warm

& fashionable sometimes

but more like a bolo tie

more like a lynching

& less cozy



BIO: Nicole Mason received her MA in Literature from Northern Michigan University and is currently an MFA candidate in Poetry at Western Michigan University. She is the assistant poetry editor at Third Coast Magazine and lives in Kalamazoo with her husband and three ungrateful dogs. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Roanoke Review, Midwestern Gothic, Atticus Review, Slipstream, and others