Lila Cutter


With ear pressed to chest and silence in a room

a steady double thud can be heard from the hurt.


Aorta as messenger, artery of the animal

distribute blood from the destination hurt.


This, an average-sized American hurt.

This, an upside-down pear hurt.


Capacity for empathy; cup for emotion; hollow

girl-like organ: find and define “hurt.”


Be a surgeon, cut open the cave

pass the scalpel through the earth, arrive at hurt.


Swell to flowers, bloom in the shade

chrysanthemums, cat tails, and even the hurt.


Dilemma, dilemma—Lila, you don’t know much

about functions. Take a fork and mouth the hurt.



BIO: Lila Cutter grew up in Iowa’s open spaces and recently relocated to Oakland, to work for 826 Valencia, the creative writing education nonprofit. Her poems circulate around ideas related to the impact and implications of moving through the world as someone who identifies as a woman. Her previous work has appeared in Oatmeal Magazine, Porch Beers Zine, and the Silo among others.