Korbin Jones


In the sushi bar bathroom, I blow silkworms
from my nose, and one-by-one I count them,

lose track each time someone raps a knuckle
on the door, each time I remember that

your body is awaiting autopsy in a morgue.
The university e-mail in my phone still reads:


The third child your parents lost and thirty-
nine silk worms in a quiet pile at my feet.

My mind a pot of boiling water, a backwash
basin with hot steam trapped behind the eyes

for softening their sheaths. Later, I will unwind
them slowly for spinning: a continuous thread.


BIO: Korbin Jones graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with degrees in writing/publishing and in Spanish, and is currently pursuing his MFA in Poetry at the University of Kansas. He has had poems, short stories, and lyric essays appear in various literary magazines across the nation, including Levee Magazine, The Oakland Review, Ellipsis Literature & Art Journal, among others. His translation of Pablo Luque Pinilla’s poetry collection ‘SFO: Pictures and Poetry about San Francisco’ was published by Tolsun Books (2019). His debut collection of original poems, ‘songs for the long night.’, is forthcoming from QueerMojo (2019). He works as editor-in-chief and head designer for Fearsome Critters: A Millennial Arts Journal.