Aremu Adams


i stain these letters   a bird drops and flies rearwards

from the cliff of my tongue   my body an arbalest

of God’s ‘be and it shall be’     there are no

trails when you look     into the sky face-up


only clouds like white handkerchiefs shuffling

their secrets to the wind in lynched discography


to behold dawn   is to lose the algorithms

of dreams to wakefulness     to think wrongdoing

is to lock all windows all doors     from prying eyes

engage in acts unadvocated   untwitterhashtagged


i call God many names   like stone like sun like elephant

it is possible   as long as i am doing that with faith

that washes my undies clean   unrusts the iron hooves

of my fate     the lines on my palms as thick as butter


i say are rivers   there is a tributary   and a confluence

i say are ١٨-٨١ the sum-total ninety-nine names of Allah

i say are   the probability of boys and girls i am to have

on earth     there is a lot to tell of humanity if we read


the candle flames   follow each direction   to the sky

learn how smoke becomes clouds clouds become water

water becomes plant   plant becomes food and clothes

food and clothes the reason   for power   for a russian


nerve agent   for a kashoggi bone-saw   for a donald-trump

mexican wall     for a large number of kalashnikovs and

a large number of nuclear weapons and a large number

of Dusit children bombed into ash in the name of God



BIO: Aremu Adams Adebisi is a black poet + economist + realist. He authors works inspired by natural vastness, published in Rockvale Review, Brittlepaper, Barren Magazine, Terse Journal, Kalahari Review, Peeking Cat Poetry and elsewhere. He seeks to find depth, peace and tranquility in poetry, exploring the concepts of liberation, empowerment and existentialism. He appears in Best New African Poets Anthology and 20.35 Africa’s Anthology of Contemporary Poetry. Find him on Twitter @aremudamsbisi