Andrew Lafleche


you’re my life

I make you my own

I become yours

and accept those

eighty minutes in the day

when you bitch about the dogs

how you don’t know what to make

for dinner

the toys you just picked up

now scattered across the floor

the dishes from last night

the garbage you wanted me

to take out earlier

dinner at your dads

you don’t want to attend


just give me alcohol


I’m better than yours

I’m here, present

unwrapped under the Christmas tree

wearing an untattered shirt

nodding along

complementing your ass

in those jeans


it doesn’t take much

a few glasses of the Saviour’s blood


and the rain fades into evening

the dogs lie quiet in their beds

the child’s cries are silenced

dinner is ready


as am I

to listen to your trifles


and comment:


is that really what happened?

I can’t believe that bitch.

of course it’s not your fault.

oh, baby, I’m sorry.


tell me everything

your ideas for the kitchen

the pattern of the backsplash

the colour of paint

and yes


play that song again.


just give me alcohol


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BIO: Andrew Lafleche is an award-winning poet and author of seven books. His work uses a spoken style of language to blend social criticism, philosophical reflection, explicit language, and black comedy. Andrew enlisted in the Army in 2007 and received an honorable discharge in 2014. Visit for more information.