Prompt/Cope 7.22.18: “Flashbacks”

Write a poem or story in which you move back and forth in time.  Flashback to a past situation (good or bad) and come back to the present.  What happened then?  How does it affect you now?  Or does it affect you now?  What metaphorical trope will you use?  For example, will you use something in nature to compare this situation to?  Did the situation involve you and somebody else?  Or just you?  If it was just you, consider creating a “past” you and a “present” you as if you’re communicating with yourself.   Explore, imagine, be adventurous in your writing and how the structure of the piece reflects the situation.  (David Welper, Founder/EIC)   #Keep writing…  #StigmaFree  #Zines

Prompt/Cope 6.24.18: “Unwinding”

Many of us writers have day jobs. How do you unwind after the daily grind? Read? Watch tv? Soak in a bath? Go to a literary event? So many things to do in our daily lives. Ever wish you could be in more than one place at once? Write something imaginative about it! There are multiple versions of you and each one is texting each other. Have fun. But remember to unwind and take care of you! (David Welper). #buddykeepwriting

Prompt/Cope 5/9/18: “Jealousy”

Is jealousy a mental mental issue? I suppose it can be if you let it consume you. What or who are you jealous of? Why? As a writer there’s a certain level of “I wish I could write like that person” or “I want X award like that person has.” I feel the jealousy at times. But there’s a point where I tell myself “you’re doing Poetry your way, let them do it their way.” Easier said than done. But part of any creative Art is the “doing it my way” endeavor. Consider this: what if you didn’t get jealous of others’ successes and instead be inspired by them? (David Welper, EIC)

keep writing…#curestigma#writerslife

Prompt/Cope 4/19/18: “Fitting In”

You’re a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. You’re the black sheep. Even within a creative community it can be hard to find a niche. Write something about an experience where you were an outsider or outcast. Are you dreaming that you are literally a square peg trying to squeeze in? Are you a character from a movie that somehow got misplaced in a different movie? Are you Dorothy who is lost in a Star Wars movie? #buddykeepwriting

Issue #2 is online! Submissions for #3 start June 1st. We are looking for talented people to join the Buddy team. Follow us for more info.

(David Welper)

Prompt/Cope 4/1/18: Aging

Aging ain’t easy! Your body changes, your mind changes, your cognitive abilities, your mood, your outlook on life…. Do you have regrets? How has the world and society changed? How has technology changed? Think about being retired….what issues would you face? Talk to your parents or grandparents about how their lives have changed and how they cope with being older. Write something in which there’s a dialogue of sorts between people of different ages. (by David Welper) #nationalpoetrymonth#buddykeepwriting

Prompt/Cope 1/27/18: “Body Scan”

Body scanning is a simple meditation practice.   Find a quiet place to sit alone, close your eyes, focus on breathing, then focus on a part of your body going from head to toe or toe to head.  Nothing exists but that body part…be it your feet, or your elbows, or your hair.  As a creative exercise, you could picture what is flowing through your body…is there a butterfly floating through your body?   Relax, be creative, have fun and keep writing@BuddyLitZine   #amwriting  #mentalhealth

Prompt/Cope 1/12/18: “The Road”

Where are you going and why?  What are you leaving behind?  Being a writer is a solitary life.  When you’re a writer driving across the country surely it’s even more solitary and, as a writer, your thoughts are wandering all the time.  So, write about this wandering.  The places you see and different cultures.  Imagine yourself living in a city if you’re from a small town or vice versa.  What do you pay attention to when you’re driving through open fields of the country?   Think of how nature and technology grab your attention but in different ways (appreciating the quiet of mountains versus constantly checking your social media).   What is the cost of a pack of cigarettes in each state?  What is the speed limit?  Scanning through radio stations until you get one in tune.  Roadkill.  Hitch-hikers.  Cows, horses, and the odor of their shit (and how you think about all the shit you deal with in life and want to just have a simpler life).  Do you get pulled over by State Police?  If so, what is your interaction with the officer?   Have fun!  Wander!  The road is wide open!   and…keep writing…  (by David Welper)