Having worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for about eleven years, I’ve seen many patients in hospitals who lack any reading material (let alone quality literature that is intellectually and/or emotionally stimulating).  This is a shame!  Buddy believes reading is a right (not a privilege) for all people, no matter their health status.

Part of our mission is to help Mental Health communities.  With our BookDrive, we donate books to MH patients, facilities and organizations.  We’ve donated books to CHARG Resource Center, Mental Health Center of Denver, Denver Health, Boulder Community Health, Highlands Behavioral Health, Aurora Medical Center.  We are always looking to donate to more facilities, so if you know of – or are part of – a facility/organization and would like to receive free books, contact us.

If you have books to donate, contact us or bring them to an event we host or participate in.   Thanks!

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Keep writing…and reading,

David Welper RN, BSN, BS, MA