When things get crappy, find inspiration!

Prompt/Cope 7.6.18: “What’s wrong with me?!”

This is personal.  Recently a couple situations occurred where I was basically told “no thanks” to something I had to offer.  It sucks.  Let’s be blunt about it.  Years ago I’d let it get to me for too long of a time, but now that I’m older, I have my little moment of being bummed and move on.  “What did I do wrong?  Why don’t they like me?  Could I have done/said something differently?  I’m a loser!”   But you know what?  Good news started happening to me in other ways and I felt better, happier, like I am worthy of somebody else’s time.  A wise man once told me that clichés stand the test of time because they’re true.  So, I say “life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs.”   You…yes you!…are worth something in some way!    (David Welper, Founder/EIC)   #buddykeepwriting #suicideprevention #litzines

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