Prompt/Cope 5/9/18: “Jealousy”

Is jealousy a mental mental issue? I suppose it can be if you let it consume you. What or who are you jealous of? Why? As a writer there’s a certain level of “I wish I could write like that person” or “I want X award like that person has.” I feel the jealousy at times. But there’s a point where I tell myself “you’re doing Poetry your way, let them do it their way.” Easier said than done. But part of any creative Art is the “doing it my way” endeavor. Consider this: what if you didn’t get jealous of others’ successes and instead be inspired by them? (David Welper, EIC)

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2 thoughts on “Prompt/Cope 5/9/18: “Jealousy”

  1. dyane says:

    I was friends in junior high with an author named Aimee Bender. She went on to make it in the writing world and yes, I was jealous of her success.

    I also had a wonderful college writing teacher at UC Santa Cruz named Kathryn Chetkovich. Her boyfriend turned out to be some writer guy named Jonathan Franzen.

    Her Granta Magazine essay “Envy” was a big hit and it’s a compelling read!

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