Prompt/Cope 4/19/18: “Fitting In”

You’re a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. You’re the black sheep. Even within a creative community it can be hard to find a niche. Write something about an experience where you were an outsider or outcast. Are you dreaming that you are literally a square peg trying to squeeze in? Are you a character from a movie that somehow got misplaced in a different movie? Are you Dorothy who is lost in a Star Wars movie? #buddykeepwriting

Issue #2 is online! Submissions for #3 start June 1st. We are looking for talented people to join the Buddy team. Follow us for more info.

(David Welper)

Prompt/Cope 4/1/18: Aging

Aging ain’t easy! Your body changes, your mind changes, your cognitive abilities, your mood, your outlook on life…. Do you have regrets? How has the world and society changed? How has technology changed? Think about being retired….what issues would you face? Talk to your parents or grandparents about how their lives have changed and how they cope with being older. Write something in which there’s a dialogue of sorts between people of different ages. (by David Welper) #nationalpoetrymonth#buddykeepwriting