Prompt/Cope 1/27/18: “Body Scan”

Body scanning is a simple meditation practice.   Find a quiet place to sit alone, close your eyes, focus on breathing, then focus on a part of your body going from head to toe or toe to head.  Nothing exists but that body part…be it your feet, or your elbows, or your hair.  As a creative exercise, you could picture what is flowing through your body…is there a butterfly floating through your body?   Relax, be creative, have fun and keep writing@BuddyLitZine   #amwriting  #mentalhealth

Prompt/Cope 1/12/18: “The Road”

Where are you going and why?  What are you leaving behind?  Being a writer is a solitary life.  When you’re a writer driving across the country surely it’s even more solitary and, as a writer, your thoughts are wandering all the time.  So, write about this wandering.  The places you see and different cultures.  Imagine yourself living in a city if you’re from a small town or vice versa.  What do you pay attention to when you’re driving through open fields of the country?   Think of how nature and technology grab your attention but in different ways (appreciating the quiet of mountains versus constantly checking your social media).   What is the cost of a pack of cigarettes in each state?  What is the speed limit?  Scanning through radio stations until you get one in tune.  Roadkill.  Hitch-hikers.  Cows, horses, and the odor of their shit (and how you think about all the shit you deal with in life and want to just have a simpler life).  Do you get pulled over by State Police?  If so, what is your interaction with the officer?   Have fun!  Wander!  The road is wide open!   and…keep writing…  (by David Welper)