Prompt/Cope 10/20/17: “Looking back”


How do you write about nostalgia without being nostalgic?  How does one write about past suicide attempts without “re-living” it?   For that matter, how does one write about anything painful from the past?   Is it still painful and you write about it to try to “deal” with it?  Or do you write about it to re-assess yourself? to look at how you’ve overcome?   How would you structure the narrative and language in such a writing exercise to relate the tension between past/present?  (by David Welper)

Prompt/Cope 10/6/17: “Daydreaming at Work”

You’re stuck in an office all day!  Perhaps literally.  Your chair has come alive, has begun massaging you, won’t let go ’til your work is done.  You desperately want to get home, but there’s so much work to do.  Finally, your work is done but you don’t want to leave…the chair’s massage is the best massage you’ve ever had.  The place you wanted to leave is now the place you don’t want to leave.

Write something that deals with daydreaming at work…what is your job? is your boss a jerk? are your co-workers irritating? is it a busy day? a slow day? what are you daydreaming about? are you anxious? is your mind somewhere else? if so, where?   Have fun and, as always, keep writing….   (by David Welper)

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