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We can be found in Poets & Writers, Entropy, and Duotrope.
Buddy is a zine that publishes creative writing about mental health, including a range of psych-social-biological concerns.
We are a new endeavor and we will aim to be a resource for a number of mental health and writing issues (see “About“).
Our blog “Prompt/Cope” is posted every two weeks (on Fridays) for topics to write about (and submit to us if you wish).
So, what are we looking for?  See our “Topics“…when in doubt…submit (during our reading period that is).
“keep writing…”


  1. dyane says:

    Yay! I donated—it’s the very least I can do since postage is so expensive, not to mention running a zine! Thanks again for the 2 beautifully produced comp. copies of Buddy & for the personalized Buddy pen – I love using it because it reminds me I was published in Issue #2 – an honor.


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