Group Hug by Robert Duncan Gray
“Group Hug” by Robert Gray*

Buddy is a new zine that publishes poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction about mental health (MH).

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We’re seeking submissions for our first issue due out in Spring of 2018.  Submission period 7/1/17 to 9/30/17.  See our guidelines and submit here.

So, what are we looking for?

We look for work that is real, anti-stigma, innovative or comical (heck, why not?).  We look for all styles of writing from all types of people (whether you have a MH diagnosis or not), and about all topics.  Be adventurous, be brave, be imaginative, be experimental, be simple if you want to be simple.

We’re interested in writing from MH patients with acute or chronic illnesses and will accept & appreciate hand-written pieces if, for any reason, you are not able to type your work (please see the “Submit” page for more info).

Also, we’re interested in writers who don’t personally experience diagnosed illnesses, as we believe that some form of MH effects all of us.  For example, a single father struggling with raising kids, or a woman whose sibling is schizophrenic, or a woman who lost a secret lesbian inter-racial lover of fifty years, or if you lost a pet and want to write a witty ode poem to him/her…

When in doubt…submit!

“keep writing…”

*”Group Hug” by Robert Gray.   Robert Gray is an English artist living and working in Portland, OR.   Please see more of his art on his site: www.robertduncangray.com
Thank you, Robert, for allowing us to use “Group Hug” for our first issue next Spring!